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Our Favorite Topics for Training/Speaking

Designed for groups large/small and customizable 


Capture Your Power

While the world is changing, we have not found the equality for women we so desire.  This program is designed to help women explore how they can build their own confidence and self awareness to take advantage of opportunities to capture their personal power and become the person they want to be.  This program can be customized for women in personal transition, such as divorce, or for emerging female leaders in the workplace. This talk can be supported with virtual coaching and a mobile learning program. Learn more ...  


RESET: Your Career Starts in Your Mind

Changes in the landscape of work have created chaos and uncertainty for knowledge workers. We are experiencing a paradigm shift in our workplace that is changing the concept of work,  and owning your career is more critical than ever.  The long held behaviors and beliefs about our careers must be reset to better support the needs of todays economy.  Based on the book, this program will cover  3 key mind shifts needed for 21st Century career success.  Participants will move from 'climbing the career ladder' to the concept of work/life design.  Learn more ...  


More than A's, B's, and SAT's

Students today have tremendous pressure to perform in the classroom and on standardized test.  However, research shows there are equally important factors in determining success and happiness once they enter the workforce and begin to build a life.  This presentation will review key areas around emotional intelligence, building self-awareness, and developing the skills for self-management that are critical for life success in the long term.  Learn more ...     


PRESET: Start Your Career in Your Mind

Based on the concepts in the book RESET, this program is designed and customized to the needs of a graduating college student entering the workforce.  They will learn about the landscape of the workplace and the unprecedented change it is experiencing as we move to a new paradigm of working.  The concepts learned will serve as a foundation for launching a successful career and the mindset of career ownership as they enter the workplace.  Learn more ... 


First Year Pioneer:  Success for First Generation College Students

It is hard to believe that in the United States, 1/3 of our incoming college students are still 1st generation.  Sadly, nearly 30% will not graduate.  This program is designed to close that gap.  With a blend of change management, coaching, leadership and goal setting, we will review the pitfalls that many students face and how to plan the  first 90-day strategy that will support on-going success.  This program can also be supported with a mobile learning program, as well as virtual coaching.  Learn more ... 


Generational Communication

Understanding and working with mixed generations affects us all.   With four generations working side by side, the assumed communication styles of the past are not sufficient.  There is a need to establish more inclusive ways of communicating that meet the needs of the workplace with its increased diversity.  This program is a blend of research outlining common unintentional bias, as well as a facilitated discussion sharing the issues that are most relevant to your particular workplace.  The goal is to meet the group where they are, identify the roadblocks, and collaborate on the ways to support change that better meets the needs of the business.  Learn more ...  

A Word From Brenda Vester

We are inspired to raise awareness, increase confidence and inspire action for the innovation of career design, self-development, and women's empowerment. Audiences include college students, knowledge workers, corporate managers and women who are in transition and ready to re-invent themselves.

Kabina Publishing has published two books: Capture Your Power in 2009 and RESET: Your Career Starts in Your Mind in 2015.  This summer 2016, we look forward to sharing our first mobile learning program, Mindful by Design!  Mindful living practices are important in our 24/7 world, but learning how to incorporate them is tricky when we don't have time.  

Mindful by Design is a solution to that problem.    



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